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Call: 2012

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Public Access : Yes


Ahmad represents private clients, corporate clients and governmental departments such as the Government Legal Department, as a member of the Attorney General’s Junior Junior Panel, the Home Office as counsel in the First tier Tribunal and the Crown Prosecution Service as a prosecuting counsel. He has also been instructed by the Ministry of Defence to work on matters with the Foreign Commonwealth Office and the Serious Fraud Office.  He has appeared in nearly 600 appeal hearings and also specialises in resolving matters at the administrative review, pre-action stage or by way of fresh applications.

Ahmad has also completed the Pre-Application Judicial Education Programme and will be looking to apply for a judicial post. He is also Direct Access accredited.

Prior to pupillage, Ahmad also took part in a Pilot Scheme with Judges and the Home Office to test out new methods of appeals. Ahmad also advised companies including a multi-national firm valued more than $2 billion. He is highly recommended for appeal hearings, judicial reviews, bail hearings, equally for drafting and representation. As part of his practice, Ahmad has also received written and oral commendations from Judges. He has a high success rate, and clients/counsel have left the following reviews for him:


Client reviews

  • ahmad is a fiery and intelligent lawyer. i feel absolutely safe when he is defending my case in court.” Mr M Shahid
  • He is a passionate, dedicated and talented lawyer. We have fought some very difficult (but interesting) cases together; including recently being granted permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court.” Counsel R Pennington Benton
  • Mr Badar dealt with my case flawlessly and with due care. His focused and excellent communication skills is what exactly any client need by their side in the courtroom. Not only he rescued me from an unjust detention, His calm and empathetic demeanour offered emotional succour to myself and my partner” Mr G Singh
  • He has the ability to think outside the box and come up with intelligent solutions to complex legal issues. I regularly instruct him on complex appeals and judicial reviews in Upper Tribunal, Administrative Court and Court of Appeal” Mr M Z Jamali
  • “I cannot thank Ahmad Badar enough to provide me with one of the best services. I have been fighting a never-ending case for over 7 years and had many barristers dealing with my case during this period. However, Mr. Badar, without a doubt, has been the best.” S K Qureshi



He is also an Army Officer in the British Army, having lead fire teams abroad on training exercises and shooting competitions. In his spare time, he is a proficient weight lifter, rock climber and horse rider. He has spoken on live television shows, major public events and has provided individual teams with training sessions.

Immigration Law

Ahmad specialises in human rights and public law, with an emphasis on immigration, asylum, nationality and EU law.

Ahmad represents private clients, corporate clients and governmental departments such as the Government Legal Department, as a member of the Attorney General’s Junior Junior Panel, the Home Office as counsel in the First tier Tribunal.

He has also appeared in a number of high profile and public interest cases such as the following cases:

Reported Cases

  • WAHID, R (on the application of) Applicant and Entry Clearance Officer Respondent [2021] EWCA Civ 346
  • Patel & Shah v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2019] UKSC 59
  • Riaz v SSHD [2019] EWHC 721
  • Nasim and others (Article 8) [2014] UKUT00025 (Ahmad ’s submissions were adopted by other Counsel)
  • Nasim and others (Raju: reasons not to follow?) [2013] UKUT00610


Notable matters

  • Mrs Justice Lang grants permission (March 2019) – TK v SSHD – JR/5672/2018 – Applicant granted permission on a costs matter.
  • UT Judge Gleeson grants permission (May 2019) – D v SSHD – JR/7492/2018 – SSHD refused to accept the minor Applicant as a stateless person.
  • Matter settled just minutes prior to a substantive hearing before President Hon. Justice Lane and UT Judge Pitt (May 2019) – SR v SSHD – JR/1743/2018 – SSHD accepted to consider the Applicant’s Article 8 claim, which was not made by way of a paid application.
  • UT Judge Grubb grants permission on papers (Jan 2020) – EU v SSHD – Applicant had been refused ILR on the allegation that she was not a genuine businessperson under the Turkish ECAA. Grant of permission on all 4 grounds.
  • Mrs Justice Moulder grants permission (Jan 2020) – MAM v SSHD – Applicant granted permission on grounds arguing an extension of the ‘minded to refuse letter’ principle to entry clearance matters in a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) entry clearance refusal.
  • UT Judge Kopieczek grants permission (Feb 2020) – A + 1 v SSHD – Same matter as above.
  • UT Judge Macleman allows the Appellant’s appeal SKQ v SSHD (Aug 2020) – Appellant’s sought for leave to remain on the basis of her settled spouse.
  • FTT Judge allows the Appellant’s asylum (LGBT) and ETS TOEIC appeal (on both Article 3 and Article 8) in the decision of MSI v SSHD (Oct 2019)
  • FTT Judge allows the Appellant’s EEA appeal against a refusal alleging a marriage of convenience in JCSP v SSHD (Nov 2019). Judge noted that Mr Badar re-examined in chief all the witnesses and commended the skeleton argument.

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