What are the benefits of public access?

The obvious benefit to you is potentially saving money because you will be instructing your Barrister directly. So instead of paying for a solicitor and a Barrister, you will only be paying for your Barrister, who will have fewer overheads alone than when instructed through a solicitor. You will also benefit from having direct access to a specialist who can help you with any advisory, drafting and advocacy work.

What services can a Barrister at 10KBW provide?

Our Barristers can offer you expert legal advice, draft documents, prepare statements, advise on the choice of an expert witness and undertake advocacy work, amongst other things.

What are the restrictions on the type of work that a public access Barrister can do?

A public access Barrister is normally not allowed to issue proceedings or file documents at court on your behalf, contact witnesses directly, handle clients’ money, investigate or collect evidence and take general management of your case. You will have to assist in some of the steps in your case, but your Barrister will be there to advise you. If your Barrister considers that it is not in your best interests or the interests of justice to proceed on a public access basis, then your Barrister will advise you of this.

Am I eligible for public funding (legal aid)?

If it appears that you may qualify for public funding, then you are likely to be advised to contact a solicitor for any further advice. A public access Barrister cannot do legal aid work without being instructed through a solicitor.

How much will I be charged?

A Barrister’s fee will depend on a number of matters, such as the Barrister’s experience and seniority, the nature and complexity of your case and the amount of work involved. A Barrister may also ask you to pay the fees in advance of any work. In any situation, fees will be agreed with you at the outset and before any work begins.

How do I instruct a Barrister at 10KBW?

Please submit this enquiry form and provide as much information as possible about your circumstances. This will help us to deal with you query quickly and effectively. Once you have done so, one of them will contact you. Alternatively, for any general enquiries, please contact our Clerks.