Carlton Christensen

Call: 1977

Practice areas

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Carlton is an experienced civil barrister who completed chancery and commercial pupilages and took his first tenancy in 1982. Carlton has practiced from these chambers since 1986.

Carlton lectured in pure mathematics at the University of Manchester and the Australian National University.


Carlton specialises in the following practice areas:

Business and commercial law: Litigation and advice in respect of general contract/business and/or consumer matters including sale of goods, banking, insurance, hire/credit agreements, building disputes, partnership and company issues, debt, insolvency and the validity of guarantees and other securities.

Chancery law: Litigation and advice on general chancery matters, including partnership, company, personal and corporate insolvency and general trust work.

Property law: Litigation and advice on all matters relating to interests in land, including real property sales and associated conveyancing matters, business and residential tenancies, public sector housing, mortgage disputes, boundary disputes, nuisance, trespass, adverse possession, constructive trusts and proprietary estoppel.

Professional negligence law: Litigation and advice in respect of professional negligence in handling property transactions and/or litigation, including wasted costs jurisdiction.


  • French (fluent)

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  • Indika Kommala Kommalage v Sinnarajah Sayanthakumar [2014] EWCA Civ 1832; [2015] BPIR 836 CA: personal insolvency/partnership/liability for partnership debts
  • Savitaben Shamji Khetani v Harish Shamji Kanbi [2006] EWCA Civ 1621 CA (Civil Procedure News 1/207): fraud/constructive trust – further evidence on appeal – abuse of process
  • Diane Therese Strover v John Richard Strover [2005] EWHC 860 (Ch): Lawtel Case Code: AC0108786. Proprietary estoppel
  • Voice & Script International Limited v Asgraf Alghafar [2003] EWCA Civ 736 CA (White Book §44.4.3): assessing costs in unallocated cases
  • Maura Teresa Lowe v Siobhan Fahey and ors [1996] 1 BCLC 262 (Ch D): company/unfair prejudice
  • Becker v Hill Street Properties Limited [1990] EG 109, CA: landlord and tenant/business tenancy
  • Kashmir Kaur v Gill [1988] Fam 110, CA: land/conveyancing/effect of section 1(3) of the Matrimonial Homes Act 1983 on purchaser for value
  • Sunset Ltd & Anor v Abdulla Al-Hindi [2023] EWHC 2443 (Ch) personal insolvency/validity of petition based on contractual debt unenforceable at date of presentation